What We Do?

We come from a background of 18 years of IT Consulting services and have catered to multiple Fortune 500 companies in Houston, New York, California and the UK. Our consulting company has grown from a mere $300,000 to $3 million in 2018.

Over the last 2 years we have diversified immensely into Real Estate Property development with a vision to create unique and meticulously designed lofts and renovate and sell foreclosed multi-family homes in an around Greater New York City.

Currently our focus is in up and coming neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and we have invested into 2 properties in Bushwick, Brooklyn and Jamaica, Queens. Both properties have high ROI potential after renovation.


We search for properties that has great potential for Return on Investment through our various channels, auction and bank short sales in up and coming neighborhoods around Greater New York City.

With our team of lawyers, brokers and bankers we secure the most lucrative real estate opportunities either through auction or through off market deals.

We do extensive research on neighborhood appraisal, growth, rental demand and selling potential with market data from Zillow.com, Trulia, NY Times, and word of mouth.

Once we secure the property we work on getting the right permits for construction, expansion and renovating with our construction team either to sell, rent or just hold it till the neighborhood matures for maximum Return on Investment.

Our vision is to convert old run-down properties or lands into multi storied, artfully designed multi-family units.


Fair Pattern is primarily focused on purchasing and development of properties in an around Bedstuy, Bushwick and East Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is growing rapidly and due to the high cost of living in Manhattan and the close proximity many young corporates (28 – 45) are investing in homes and moving into Brooklyn.

Below is a latest report from New York Times showing real statistics on appraisal % of Bushwick homes compared to rest of New York.

Real rendering by our architect for 1244 Putnam avenue Project

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